Bigg Bleezy: Pushing Hip-Hop and Weed Cigars


Rap artist Big Bleezy is ready to take Ontario, CA to new heights with new music and a new line of weed cigar called “El Toro Verde.” As explained to Raptalk, many weed smokers roll their own blunt cigars using paper that’s already been tainted by tobacco. No matter how much you scrap the tobacco out, residue still remains and you’re actually getting a tobacco/weed cigar. The “El Toro Verde” is rolled with high grade marijuana from the start giving a pure weed cigar product. The cigar or the “cannagar” as Bleezy calls it, is currently making it’s way into dispensaries but right now you can find it on Instagram @ el_toro_verde. As for the music, Bleezy currently dropped this new cut on 4/20 called “Light Yo Shit” and now it’s making it’s Raptalk premier. Get blazed to it!