Producer Ill Slim Collin Brings The West Coast Funk On New Album (Audio)


Producer Ill Slim Collin has worked with the likes of Butch Cassidy, Slim Capone (RIP), Big Prodeje of South Central Cartel and other artists from the West Coast using his own style of G-Funk called “Grime Funk” inspired by some of the greats like DJ Quik, Warren G, and other notable legendary producers. His new album coming out in July , “Music Was My First Luv,” will bring more of that “Grime Funk” as he brings in guests to rap over his beats. The album itself is a testament of how music turned Slim’s troubled youthful life around and allowed him to be a creative force. This new single from his album is called Caddimane and it features rapper Hit da Heisman.  You can learn more about this dope producer at his website