Mar Mar Releases New Album “Mar Mar Beyond Compton”


Rapper/Actor Mar Mar is making noise on the West Coast as the youngster continues to showcase his skills. Last month we premiered his video Don’t Hate and now the good kid from the mad city (like Kendrick before him) just released his album “Mar Mar Beyond Compton”. The album is an independent release in which the young artist was able to do so with the help his father, veteran R & B singer Marliek. Mar Mar Beyond Compton is a bridge between the new style and the veteran style of the West Coast as many OG’s have backed the young rapper in his rising career as they have steered him away from the pitfalls that Compton has to offer. Mar Mar tells his tale from the perspective of a young man from a middle class family who deals with the dangers right near his doorsteps. You can take a listen to the album which is now on Spotify and iTunes. Take a listen HERE!