Home Audio Skribbal “At Wits End” Mixtape Link (Exclusive)
Skribbal  “At Wits End” Mixtape Link (Exclusive)

Skribbal “At Wits End” Mixtape Link (Exclusive)

Skribbal At Wits End Raptalk Exclusive
Skribbal At Wits End Raptalk Exclusive

Skribbal, releases his first mixtape since his album release “Drug Spun Funk” exclusively here on RAPTALK today.

At Wits End packs 22 hard hitting tracks showing Skribbal’s  versatility as a Hip Hop MC. This is not the Skribbal you are used to. This mixtape features Pr3acher, MC Random and Apakalips of Area 51, Morus, K-Fix and Blanco B. It gets pretty funny during the interludes when several people call in to Skribbal’s voicemail to talk shit. Really hilarious addition to the mixtape and makes you want to go give Skribbal a hug. They’re pretty brutal. HAHAHA

Here is the tracklisting for At Wits End.

1. Intro
2. Devil Green Acid (ft. Pr3acher)
3. Armageddon Weaponry
4. Goosebumps (ft. Random of Area 51)
5. Jon Drake & Toomey (Interlude)
6. Rapture for the Wicked (ft. Morus)
7. Pull the Pin (ft. Random of Area 51)
8. DK & Morus (Interlude)
9. Black Sheep
10. Trapped Under Ice
11. Eagles Fly Alone (ft. Pr3acher)
12. Talea & Bob Nalbandian (Interlude)
13. Nevermind the Bullets (ft. K-Fix)
14. Cry of the Black Wolf (ft. Apakalips of Area 51)
15. The DRP & Mars (Interlude)
16. Fall In Line (At Wits End)
17. Rise, Shine & Grind (ft. Blanco B)
18. Ratt & Ryan (Interlude)
19. Black Curtains
20. Dopey-The Kreepz
21. Darkside of the Spoon
22. Outro

Make sure you check out the mixtape hosted at DatPiff exclusively by RAPTALK.NET below or visit http://piff.me/842ea4e and download it.