MC Random starts #RandomSummer2 with new EP “Live and Direct”


MC Random begins #RandomSummer2 LIVE and DIRECT
Part 2 of the #RandomSummer series

(El Monte, CA, July 2018) MC Random, one of the cornerstones of the Area 51 crew and Pasadena hip-hop has released his latest endeavour – Live and Direct.
Produced mostly by Random with some help from the Flourish & Prosper production team, Live and Direct is a throwback to the good ol’ days of classic boom-bap hip-hop.

The overall theme of the album is what the artist refers to as #RandomSummer2 and that’s because the music is taking you out of the cold funk of the Winter into the hot Sun of the Summertime. Another special touch about this album is the story-telling which plays a big part of its musical direction. “A lot of hip-hop is about money and the things it can by.

This album is an escape. The title track alone sets the tone and gives content that people can relate to,” said MC Random about this new project. “But one thing is clear, this is not a slight to new music. Everyone is into their own thing and that’s cool. This album is just providing a need for those who want that classic hip-hop sound,” Random further stated.

Released through the Flourish & Prosper distribution machine, Live and Direct is something that fans of the boom-bap sound can embrace and enjoy.

You can stream this album now following this link:

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