Halo Ceasar: From Struggles To Glory


The journey to being a rising rap star hasn’t been an easy road for Peoria, IL native Halo Ceasar. From the moment he began to reach out to his hip-hop dreams, Ceasar has faced many obstacles starting with the people that share his own DNA, his family. Mom and Dad weren’t exactly too thrilled with their son’s rap aspirations and even went as far as destroying his book of rhymes with a warning to stop writing. It’s one thing to receive opposition from people who don’t like you but to receive it from your own flesh and blood puts an entirely different twist on things. Some would have given up at that point but Ceasar was determined to push forward despite the protests of his mother and father, but that was only one of many challenges to come.


While in school, Ceasar would watch fellow young rappers take their turns freestyling in the school cafeteria and one day he mustered up the courage to participate. I wish I could tell you that it was an inspiring moment in his life with students applauding his efforts and giving him praise but it was just the opposite. Ceasar’s fellow students did gather around but it was to boo him. Looking back, Ceasar admits that his rhymes were trash at the time but instead of letting the embarrassment of the moment dash his dreams, he used it as a lesson and vowed to improve so that he can never be booed again, and he study he did. Ceasar gravitated to the greats like Andre 3000, Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, and Ludacris just to name a few, and dissected what made each one a legend in their own right. One method Ceasar used was memorizing an artist’s song word for word and then repeating their rhymes over that song’s instrumental version. Also, he began to write his own rhymes using an artist’s particular style. This was done to gain confidence and soon enough the plan started working because he began to feel comfortable enough to create his own unique style.


From there Ceasar began recording his own songs on a laptop that his homie gave him and used a program called Adobe Audition to mix them. The quality wasn’t the best but the recordings served their purpose in giving the young artist experience. “Delivery, flow, and content can definitely be inspired but no one can teach you that stuff,” Ceasar told Raptalk. It means that you can only try to emulate another person’s gift only so far before you have to reach down and find your own gift.


Although he hails from Peoria, Illinois life has had him on a journey around the entire United States moving from city to city since he was a youth. Times were difficult and settling down in one place just wasn’t in the cards at the time for him. At first it was due to family issues and then later upon finishing high school, Ceasar set out on the road to find his destiny. But this journey led to various jobs, various relationships and more struggles than victories. Things didn’t get better for Ceasar when he was fired from a job because he focused so much on his debut mixtape, that he would constantly come into work late and not show up. It was a hard but necessary lesson for the young artist who learned the importance of balancing responsibilities. A commercial for the Art Institute of Atlanta led to a move to Georgia. The only problem was that Ceasar showed up to Atlanta with nothing but a laptop, some printed up CD’s, and the clothes on his back. Often times he’d sleep out on the streets next to homeless people but by sacrificing so much, he was able to enroll in the Institute of Atlanta. Ceasar was also able to connect with previously unknown family members who lived in the area which got him off the streets. By hustling his music, he was able to build up contacts that included artists, producers and other people in the industry. A brief move to California led to another move to Las Vegas and this is where Ceasar began to see some of the fruits of his labors flourish. WIth the help of producer Traka Beatz, he released his song “God Flow” that received thousands of views on Youtube and led to various placements on blog sites. Faced with another setback shortly afterwards when he split with his baby mama and had nowhere to go, Ceasar found help in OG Mack Drama who bought him a plane ticket to Nashville so that he could regroup and continue on with his career. With his upcoming release “P.I.M.P.” coming in April, Halo Ceasar is ready to set his career on fire and make all of the struggles worth going through.