Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher #MusicVideo


Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

Peep this brand new Music Video: Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

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  1. It's funny how we never heard of trump being racist until he was president.. the civil Rights movement was a long time ago. If you can't get anywhere in life it's your own fault!! People should stop falling for this racist bullshit!!! Yes there are racist people out there. People need to quit falling into the media's agenda to separate the people of this nation!! United we stand divided we fall

  2. This is how you Can tell that a 40-year-old has not figured out he needs to quit rapping. I wish that the people like you that despise and keep trying to divide this country, would take all of that money and help get the rest of the people like you that disrespect the president and the flag would leave this country. You cannot Neil during a Pledge of Allegiance and say that you mean no disrespect to the military. That is not how it works and if you do believe that then there is no talking to you anyway. If you can apologize and tell my friends that died in the military and their families you mean no disrespect and they forgive you then I will too. People like you that have a voice that could help unite us but you decide to be part of the disease that is slowly dividing this country. When there is a civil war and people like me are tired of being called racist and being harassed by people come together and fight back I bet you will not be so tough then. If you going to classify anyone that supports trump, Then be careful because most of us are man enough not to hide around a bunch of thugs in a parking garage. I cannot tell if you were trying to rap, are gasping for air every 5 words.You are still trying to rap and you can hardly breathe. Forget raping, you should stop talking!! LOL.All of those drugs have caught up with your old ass.

  3. Very hypocritical to blame Trump for the possible nuclear war with North Korea when you starred in a movie called The Interview. witch bashed and instigated Kim Jon for 2 hours straight witch was followed up by immediate threats back toward US from North Korean leader after being enraged by the movie. Just another typical leftist Hollywood double standard!!

  4. Ok I feel if you were born late 90s- early 2000s, not a hip hop fan, or a Trump supporter should NOT comment cause they way y'all dissin Eminem sound beyond dumb as hell. Y'all dissin Eminem but end up committing suicide instead. Better study before you take the test. All I got to say😂

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